Psych rock band A Devils Din ‘Skylight UK Tour’ mesmerises London

A Devils Din

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: The Birds Nest, London–September 23, 2016

For the lovers of psychedelic rock, there was a very unique chance to be a part of the tour of the Montreal based band  A Devils Din on Friday night in London. UK native David Lines, frontman, keyboardist and guitarist, led  his humble band for a short visit to his homeland, giving concerts non-stop every day for two weeks in a raw showing of their latest album “Skylight”, which was released earlier this year. That’s a respectable amount of input!

I got lucky to see the band during their last performance in a quite overcrowded little pub in Deptford, South London before the band returned overseas.  As soon as the guys quickly set up on the stage, they started playing, guiding the audience with their musical time machine back to sixties–and for those who had never been there, gave an inspiring otherworldly journey with catchy songs like “Skylight”, which still resides in my ears. The audience dug their set despite the unlucky placement of the stage close to entrance where people could reach the loo only going through front of audience, giving a getaway house feel to it. Very unworthy for a last gig, but hey, this is a pub and people were having fun here on an eventful Friday night. What one could expect! And still they were lucky having a soundman (who happened to be a former member of Ozric Tentacles) who dug their music and gave his best for a good sounding show. A great one, indeed!

So – except  for a couple of minor technical difficulties – Devils Din outperformed at The Birds Nes,t and for a short time brought back the place when people new what real prog music was.  Also, two songs from this last gig also was video recorded and will be posted on Youtube, as David just noted. Nice we can’t wait to see that!

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Andras Paul

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