The Beginnings

Rock At Night was launched in October 2014 as the brainchild of Chyrisse Tabone, who longed to pursue her dream of being a rock journalist and photographer.  She was on the road at age 16 when she started college as a journalism major (think Almost Famous), working in the dark room and pursuing new bands, until her mighty parents stepped in saying, “You need to pursue something that will pay the bills like engineering and science!” Thus, journalism and professional photography became a sideline and not a profession.

Our Website

After a long career in the environmental science field (and the loss of fellow geologists to cancer), she realized we only have one life to live and her motto became “No Regrets!”  After gathering up fellow friends and colleagues around the world, many “professionals” that also lead double lives as creatives, Rock At Night was born. All of the Rock At Night team are composed of journalists and photographers that are dedicated to bringing music news, album reviews, and interviews to the forefront, through text and audio podcast interviews in their iTunes and Google Podcast channels. Covering globally, but concentrated in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, Rock At Night is dedicated to professional journalism and photography, publishing news daily, in its website and many social media formats.

Our Print Publication

Rock At Night “went back to the future” in June 2020 by initiation of its print magazine.  Yes, real print. Published quarterly, the magazine features a theme, unique artwork, and columns unlike any magazine published in the past.  We make strides to differentiate ourselves from the rest–because we are different. We are female-owned & operated in a male-dominated field. Since we are the underdogs, we give coverage to good indie bands, including many female artists, and unsung heroes in the industry, who are very talented but marginalized or inconspicuous in other magazines. Our writers are seasoned and published authors from mostly the US and UK, that maintain a high standard of integrity and journalism.   Our photography is performed in-house.  We have female artists on staff that create original illustrations and an on-going cartoon serial.

Our mottos are: “a tangible read in an intangible world” and “open our magazine, feel the edges,and sniff the paper”.  We focus on the creatives and not the ‘same ol’ shit’.  So, you heard it here first.  We are often copied–but know, we are the original.

With 15,000+ hits weekly across  six continents, Rock At Night has had the honor of covering many festivals, like the following:

Baloise Session (Basel, Switzerland)

British Summertime Series in Hyde Park (London, UK)

Byron Bay Blues Festival (Byron Bay, AU)

Vans Warped Festival (US)

Arts Beats & Eats (Royal Oak, MI)

Gasparilla Music Festival (Tampa, FL, US)

Welcome to Rockville (Jacksonville, FL, US)

Ramblin’ Man (Maidstone, England, UK)

Sound City Festival (Liverpool, UK)

Electric Fields Festival (Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill, UK)

Manchester Psych Fest (Manchester, UK)

Punk Rock Bowling (Asbury Park, NJ, US)

Colmar Music & Wine Festival (Alsace, France)

Cotton Clouds Festival (Manchester)

Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI, US)

Reggae Relief Festival (Pittsburgh, PA, US)

Rockstar Disrupt Festival (US)

Kendall Calling (Manchester, UK)

Three Rivers Art Festival (Pittsburgh, PA, US)

WOMADelaide (Adelaide, AU)

Groovin the Moo (Adelaide, AU)

Clearwater Sea Blues Festival (Clearwater, FL, US)

Clearwater Jazz Holiday (Clearwater, FL, US)

Sing Out Loud! (St. Augustine, FL, US)

Margarita Festival (Tampa, FL, US)

Y Not? (Derbyshire, UK)

Here Comes the Summer (The Netherlands)

Sunshine Music Festival (St. Petersburg, FL, US)

URG Festival (Ontario, Canada)

Blues & BBQ Festival (Providence, RI, US)

Festival of Friends (Ontario, Canada)

Rewind Festival (London, UK)

Welcome to the Village (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)

Sound of Music (Burlington, Ontario)

Camden Rocks (London, UK)

The Inferno Metal Festival (Oslo, Norway)

Winter Blues Festival (Brantford,Ontario)

MO Pop Festival (Detroit, MI, US)

Progtoberfest (Chicago, IL, US)

British Sound Project (Manchester, UK)

Stimmen Festival (Colmar, France)

Bang Your Head Festival (Balingen, Germany)

Eurockeennes (Belfort, France)

Tons of Rock Festival (Halden, Norway)

Bergen Fest (Bergen, Norway)

The Common People Festival (London, UK)

MMRBQ (Philadelphia, PA, US)

Upload Festival (Wakefield, UK)

Down to the Woods (Durham, UK)

Psych Rock Festival (Salford, UK)

Blast Furnace Blues Festival (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

80s in the Park (Melbourne, FL, US)

Supercrawl (Hamilton, Ontario)

Festival of Friends (Ontario, Canada)

Frisian Open Air Festival (The Netherlands)

Vlieland Rocks (The Netherlands)

Big Guava Music Festival (Tampa, FL, US)

Beer & Bruise Festival (Detroit, MI, US)

Celtic Festival (Dunedin, FL, US)

98 Rockfest (Tampa, FL, US)

Reggae Rise Up! (St. Petersburg, FL, US)

SXSW (Austin, TX, US)

SunFest (West Palm Beach, FL, US)

SummerSalt Fest (Adelaide, AU)

RosFest (Gettysburg, PA, US)

Innings Florida (Tampa, FL, US)

Arts, Beats, and Eats (Royal Oak, MI, US)

Freakout! Festival (Seattle, WA, US)

Ealing Blues Festival (London, UK)

The Great South Bay Music Festival (Patchogue, New York, US)

Foire aux Vins (Alsace, France)

Black Deer Festival (Kent, UK)

Lose Yr Mind (Portland, OR, US)

Focus Wales (Wrexham, Wales, UK)

Corktown Music Fest (Detroit, MI)

Bloodstock Open Air (Derbyshire, UK)

Black Deer Festival (Kent, UK)

Innings Festival (Tampa, FL, US)



Rock At Night is dedicated to bringing you new music, giving small bands the same deference as many of the old staples.  Remember we “We work all day but ROCK AT NIGHT.”


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