Chatting with Chris Mills of UK band C-Beem

Chris Mills of C-Beem discusses his synth pop sound; his new album Jammin’ the Steam Towers; his collaboration with other artists, like Australian Lachlan Brooks and UK artist Graham Summers; creating music at a “mature” age; regretting “chucking away” CDs after music began streaming; his song “Tin Foil Hat” and UFOs; the song “Toad of Toad Hall” and “Wind in the Willows”; producing synth-driven music in a live scenario; and cultural criticism in music. […]

Chatting with Detroit rock band Odd City

Odd City discuss how they began as a 3-piece instrumental band but added Mike Szuminski (who was recording the band) after he contributed guitar parts; how they duties by switching instruments and vocals; their philosophy “it’s about the song and not the genre”;  how the pandemic influenced the music; the making of the EP Fission, and in particular, the song “The Upside Down”; and trying to juggle a full-time job with a thriving band (hint: communication and practice). […]

Chatting with David Lightfoot of the UK band The Fades

David Lightfoot discusses various songs from the current Night Terrors album and previous one Ragnorak; inheriting his punk and ska influences from his dad; keeping the same lineup since the band’s inception; touring in the early years to Ireland and the east coast of America (yes, it was wild); performing at a rock festival in Tbilisi, Georgia (even more wild–think The Hangover); and their punk cover of the New Seekers’ “I Like to Teach the World to Sing.” […]