Chatting with Canadian band Frantic Lullabies

Frantic Lullabies-Photo by Marcus Arar

Interview with Canadian band Frantic Lullabies-February 2024

Rock At Night’s Toronto correspondent, Jess Joy, speaks with Frantic Lullabies. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, the band discusses its inception during their high school and college years, the genre they deem ‘post rock shoegaze,’ pre-stage performance anxiety, the new single “Blurry Vision,” collaboration and songwriting, being the leader in a band, and the practical goals and aspirations in the time of streaming and ‘pay to play.’

The Band: Noah Rastegar, Madison Daniels, James Degeer, Spencer Devolin, Dermott Shepard and Jacob Wiley

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The video was filmed and edited by Jack Darby, audio recorded and mixed by Stefan Tomala.







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