Chatting with UK indie artist Teddy Clarke

Teddy Clarke discusses his retro look (very Teddy Boy), songwriting during COVID, collaborating with Ben Bogen, songwriter/mixer of Analog & Digital, the formation of the live band, his background in theatre, growing up in London with the wealth of musicians and venues, his video making with a Super 8, performing on BBC Introducing, and plans for the future. […]

Chatting with Chris Mills of UK band C-Beem

Chris Mills of C-Beem discusses his synth pop sound; his new album Jammin’ the Steam Towers; his collaboration with other artists, like Australian Lachlan Brooks and UK artist Graham Summers; creating music at a “mature” age; regretting “chucking away” CDs after music began streaming; his song “Tin Foil Hat” and UFOs; the song “Toad of Toad Hall” and “Wind in the Willows”; producing synth-driven music in a live scenario; and cultural criticism in music. […]