Chatting with UK artist Laurence Archer of Grand Slam

UK artist Laurence Archer of Grand Slam discusses how he began his music career at age 17 1/2; his experience working with Grand Slam and Phil Lynott; reviving Grand Slam and songs written in the 80s with Lynott (the original reels were stolen from Lynott’s studio after his death); quitting guitar for 10 years after working in the film industry; the new upcoming album Wheel of Fortune and the re-release of Hit the Ground, an album released in 2019 prior to COVID; and much more! […]

Chatting with Johnny McCuaig of Arcana Kings

In the interview, Johnny McCuaig discusses how bag pipes were incorporated into their rock music; the band’s Star Trek-themed video for their cover of Slade’s “Run Runaway”; the logistics of the band playing when there are 8 hours between them;  Vegas gigs and Bike Week in Sturgis; their latest release “Soldier On,” which helps veterans; and the upcoming release “Kenistino.”  […]