Chatting with rock band LOLA VAIN

Hammons and Buzard of Lola Vain discuss how they became interested in playing music at a young age; today’s music trend of releasing singles vs. albums; the pandemic’s effect on the recording industry in regard to remote recording and mixing production; music video-making through remote technology; and much more! […]

Chatting with rock band The Summit

Chris Scott and Mike Hennel of The Summit discuss the following: how The Summit came to fruition in 2015 (“it stemmed from a conversation we had in Gatlinburg”); their special friendship with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and the late Dusty Hill; heart-warming moments while performing in Paducah, Kentucky (“just the culture of the town, the honor of being there, and the brotherhood we felt”); their “natural and organic” music recording experience with Will Turpin of Collective Soul; writing songs on serious and topical subjects such as drug addiction and mass shootings (“this is not a political statement…I feel for the parents who have lost children”); and the band’s plans, including recording and touring. The podcast interview also includes the song “Hit Me Up.” […]

Chatting with Marc Andersen of Letchen Grey

Marc Andersen of Letchen Grey discusses what prompted the band’s reformation; the origin of the band’s name (hint:a Jethro Tull song); life between the mid-80s and the present; stories of the Sunset Strips scene, including tidbits about bands and Gazzarri’s; working with producer Alan Niven (Guns N’ Roses, Great White) and the “Stravinski Brothers”;  and the band’s new singer, who happens to be related to Black Oak Arkansas band’s Jim Dandy. At the end of the interview, you can hear Letchen Grey’s single “Burn”. Lots of fun for all 80s enthusiasts! […]

Chatting with blues artist Eric Gales

Eric Gales is truly a renaissance man, one of the best guitarists in the world, has played with everyone and toured everywhere. Widely respected by his peers, Gales released his 19th and latest album “Crown” last January. The album is a 16-track collection of semi-autobiographical songs about love, life, his wife, recovery, playing guitar, facing his demons and his faith. […]