Chatting with UK indie artist Teddy Clarke

Teddy Clarke Band. Photo by Chyrisse.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night

Interview – Teddy Clarke

Teddy Clarke. Photo by Chyrisse.

Rock At Night recently discovered Teddy Clarke and his band at the Water Rats, London.  With the combination of a retro and alt rock sound, the melodies are infectious and catching, leaving a lasting impression long after the song is over.

We spoke with Teddy Clarke,who hails from North London, about his musical journey, which essentially was hatched during COVID lockdown. In this interview, Clarke discusses his retro look (very Teddy Boy), songwriting during COVID, collaborating with Ben Bogen, songwriter/mixer of Analog & Digital, the formation of the live band, his background in theatre, growing up in London with the wealth of musicians and venues, his video making with a Super 8, performing on BBC Introducing, and plans for the future.

Look for his EP later this year and gigs outside of London.

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Teddy Clarke Band:

Teddy Clarke: Vocals, electric & acoustic guitar

Laura Maroto – Drums

Callum MacRae – Electric & acoustic guitar

Harry Parr – Electric guitar

Matt Needham – Bass






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