Speaking with veteran musician Greg Armstrong

By Mike Alahverdian, Rock At Night New England

Rock At Night speaks with veteran musician Greg Armstrong, who has been performing and producing music since 1985. He first had the privilege of seeing Ronie James Dio when he was 19 years old, which inspired him to be a rock musician (although he performs various styles).

Armstrong recently completed a 7-month project to reimagine Dio’s song “This Is Your Life.” He collaborated remotely with musicians around the country, including Robert Mason (Warrant) on vocals, Todd Sucherman (Styx), Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Brian HBK (Hairball), Tommy Barbarella (Prince), Matt Kirkwold (Majesties) and veteran producer Chuck Alkazian. All proceeds help Dio’s Stand Up and Shout Foundation cancer fund.

You can read Rock At Night’s review of “This Is Your Life” HERE:

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Who cares what came before?

We were only starlight

One day then nevermore

Because we’re whispers in the wind

Once upon a time

The world was never blind

Like we are

Right now it seems

You’re only dreams and shadows

If wishes could be eagles

How you’d fly

This is your life

This is your time

What if the flame won’t last forever

This is your here

This is your now

Let it be magical

Who cares what came before?

We’re only starlight

Once upon the time

All the world was blind

Like we are

This is your life

This is your time

Look at your world

This is your life



Link to Dio’s original

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