Palaye Royale wraps up the European tour at Electric Brixton, London

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London

Venue: Electric Brixton, London–Oct 07, 2018– Palaye Royale

On Sunday Electric Brixton was busy hosting Palaye Royale, a fashion art rock band from the US, supported by The Haunt a fierce rock band from Florida as their special guest.

Palaye Royale – the name derives from the french pronunciation of Toronto based dance hall “Palais Royale” – not in vain called “The Hottest Band of 2018” was firing up London’s Electric Brixton storming into the A-list media in the blink of an eye. As they mentioned on their Instagram recently, it was less then a year ago they played London in front of 250 people. I guess that number just climbed six times bigger as of yesterday night. Dang!

Let’s put it down Remington Leith ‘s tormented voice won’t easily get out of your head easily. You suddenly catch yourself missing it, which is an ultimate passport of being the front man of a successful rock band.

Started with “Don’t Feel Quite Right” and “My Youth Generation” from their Boom Boom Room (Side A) album then following with “You’ll be fine” from their latest “Side B” album.
I even heard a few of my own favourites like “Get Higher” , “Mr. Doctor Man”, “Ma Cherie” . The energy the brothers put in the show high rise from the start like a turbulent tornado and continued to be until the end of the show and maybe a little more after. This is the “feel” I got.

The concert was stopped few times by the front man only to make sure everyone in the audience was feeling right. Giving time for the security to help out the collapsed fans. Remington’s natural reactions by giving out few cans of water to the audience, while the momentum won’t fall for a second. That all tells their committed care of their audience while having fun doing that.

Remington remarked toward the ending of the evening, “This moment is a wish come true since I was a very fucking kid playing with my band in front of twenty people. Thank you, for making my dream come true!”

Also, making cheeky remarks spicing up the audience, taking off his shirt then saying “h”i to his Mum who actually attended the show, ” Hey Mum, Thank you for giving birth to me so I can take off my shirt in front of thousands of people”. The audience loved that.

Leaving the stage after playing “How do you do” as the last tune, the audience wouldn’t let them go without a theatrical size of encore with “Warhol” closing the show.

There is a lot to say about this band–and I feel like I’m running out of place here– so let the few shots I took talk for me.

PS: A few days before their Brixton Electric show, the band held an acoustic show at the front of KOKO to thank the fans for another sold out show. (The venue recently closed due to structural damage and also where they supposed to play originally ).

“We love you all so much. Each of you have our hearts. Thank you for existing x”

Just a cool way closing their headliner European tour!

Palaye Royale are coming back supporting Enter Shikari next year (2019) on their UK tour in January and February.


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