Saint Agnes brings London along for a hot ride at Scala

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Saint Agnes. Photo by Andras Paul.

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London

Live Review: St. Agnes with Cameron Sanderson-Scala, London – July 1, 2022

Saint Agnes. Photo by Andras Paul.

There is one good thing for sure about our post-pandemic times–Saint Agnes will be playing more live shows.  This is coming from a person who has constantly attended most of their shows through the years. I haven’t seen them since last year’s epic gig at The Garage.  Already with a massive tour behind them which began in April and before getting into summer festival season, the band jumped in for a hot ride set at London’s famous live venue Scala in the King’s Cross neighbourhood. The concert was supported by Housed by Face Down, a much loved alt night organiser which sets up gigs based on fan reviews.

Being the first gig I attended since my camera was stolen from a pub back in February,  I definitely found it empowering to start with one of my favourite DIY bands–Saint Agnes!

Cameron Sanderson. Photo by Andras Paul.

The evening’s support act was young titan Cameron Sanderson with his unique half-singing, half-rap vocal style. He is pretty well-known among the younger audience. Although I didn’t really research his musical history, he and his band definitely nailed it on stage creating quite an enlightening show.

Suddenly the background music faded and we could hear an attractive introduction, presumably a pre-recorded synth. Then, the show kicked off with “And They All Fall Down”, a hit from The Family Strange EP released more than two years ago. I truly love its presence.

Andy, behind the drums performed painstakingly and tirelessly as the main motor of the band along with spiced up fuzzy riffs with Jon on the main guitar.  The band featured Jake, a new bass player from the band Press To Meco. His stage work is beyond awesome and matched perfectly with the rest of the band.

Saint Agnes. Photo by Andras Paul.

There’s some uniqueness St. Agnes brings to the stage every time I see them playing live.  Heavy prep work must be implemented behind the scene to  achieve the organic flow of each song.

“I’m With You Everywhere You Go”, “Vampire”, which is from the album of the same name released last year, and “Daughter of Lucifer” from EP The Family Strange followed.   Again, the pacing was unapologetically unstoppable.

Although they seemed inexhaustible, in the middle of Prodigy cover “Firestarter”, lead singer Kitty directed the audience to stand down for a second saying, “Every mother fucker in the room, you can get down!”

She continued asking, “How you feelin’? You are all right? Are you ready?”

This allowed the band members to take a moment to breathe and then .. one, two, three, four and the stage fired up again like it never stopped at all.

“Uppercut” followed and the lyrics hit home:

Die, fucking die!/Insecurity getting the best of me/ Die, yeah, fucking die!I’m my own worst enemy/It’ll be the death of me.

Go on and check this song. All songs.

Before they unleashed the last song, lead guitarist Jon asked,  “Who’s gonna’ come see Saint Agnes again?!”

Saint Agnes. Photo by Andras Paul.

“Repent”was on the last one in the setlist. The band was joined by Mimi Barks a metal singer from Berlin, who is now based in the UK. She supported Saint Agnes on their April tour. Please give her a listen if you can.

And that’s that. Saint Agnes never does encore. Squeezing the maximum of their musical life force onto the stage is a one way ride.

There’s a saying in my country of a true performer: “You must collapse while rehearsing and have to die on stage”. Once they die on stage they never come back. Don’t worry, they’ll resurrect on the next one like true vampires.

There you go. I only started enjoying the gig and they’re off stage already. Well, there’s more on the horizon coming. The 2000 Trees festival is right up the corner next week.






Cameron Sanderson “What Do You Want? “


Saint Agnes instagram @wearesaintagnes

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