Rock at Night tapped into an awesome night of rock ‘n’ roll with Backyard Babies

Backyard Babies

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London

Venue: O2 Forum Kentish Town, London–Feb 01, 2020–CKY – Backyard Babies – The Wildhearts

In a quite cold winter night of February RAN decided to get on with the good old rock and roll.


The originally three-piece American band represented themselves as a duo at the O2 Academy that night since their bassist departed earlier last year. CKY – stands for Camp Kill Yourself – opened the night and presented a spicy vibe, heating up the stage for the upcoming headliners. The band’s front man Chad I Ginsburg really put on massive energy, entertaining the audience on stage – even his known guitar twirl got exhibited at some point – along with his band mate drummer Jess Margera, who is also a founding member of the band. As many were arriving late to the venue, CKY got the crowd going and totally let loose by the end of their set.

Backyard Babies

As Swedish BACKYARD BABIES entered the stage, the atmosphere rose to another level. “Let’s make the cool London hotter”, said front man Nicke Borg, as he stroked his guitar. It seemed like we were in store for a really fun show! Touring with their favourite band as a co-headliner, what more could we ask for? Their dynamic rock ‘n’ roll heated up, shaking the crowd with unmatched success. Dregen, being the center of attention with his guitar solos, created his own show by jumping on and off the stage ramps. What a dynamic atmosphere he created! A Job well done, he left the stage with a bow to the crowd. What a bunch of gentlemen! See you back soon I hope!

The Wildhearts

The crowd was totally heated up by the time The Wildhearts entered the stage. The fully packed Kentish Town Forum rumbled as they hit the stage. “I love this town!” said lead singer Ginger, the only constant member of the band. His presence on stage alone was almost enough to entertain the whole audience.  They released some frenetic energy with their window cracking rock music and continued almost burning down the venue, finishing with a three song encore, much to the delight of the crowd surfers around. We had a great night out a literally time well spent.

And finally seeing such an enormous crowd, it was good to see so many people still interested in good old rock music!

Try catching their final leg of tour the following days:

Mon 3rd February – UK, Cardiff – Tramshed
Tue 4th February – UK, Birmingham – O2 Institute

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