Chatting with David Lines of psych rock band A Devil’s Din

Photo: Renaud Kasma

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By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

SKYLIGHTCDCOVERFRONTwebRock At Night receives a lot of album solicitations so when we notice a band, they have to be pretty special. Montreal-based band, A Devil’s Din, fits the bill. As soon as I listened to the single “Skylight,” which is featured in the band’s second album, also titled Skylight, I was totally hooked. The song “Skylight” has a totally psychedelic rock sound with its floating, trance-like vocals, cool intertwined guitar and bass riffs, and keyboard accompaniment. I have had an earworm for the song ever since!  Actually, the whole album is a wonderful prog rock stew in the vein of Pink Floyd or Yes, but also has flavors of The Beatles Sergeant Pepper with Lennonesque vocals. There are hints of 90s grunge with vocals reminiscent of Alice in Chains and even vocals, which to me, sound similar to ELO (although singer David Lines says no vocoding was used at all). Nevertheless, fans of 60s psych rock, early-70s prog rock, or even the Millennial band melodic metal band Ghost, will enjoy Skylight.

Rock At Night had the pleasure of interviewing David Lines (vocals, keys, guitar) of A Devil’s Din prior to the album’s release date of June 17, 2016. During the interview Lines discussed the “new” psychedelic rock music genre; the band’s history and line-up; analysis of each song on the CD Skylight; and the Fall tour in the UK. This interview is a must listen for all psych rock, stoner rock, and prog rock fans!

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Photo: Renaud Kasma
Photo: Renaud Kasma


David Lines: Vox, Guitars, Keys

Dominique Salameh: Drums

Thomas Chollet: Bass

Montréal, Québec



A Devil’s Din – Skylight

Release Date: June 17, 2016

Label: Island Dive Records

Available: Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby

Produced by David Lines

Mixed by Rod Shearer

Mastered by Andy VanDette/Engineer Room Audio NYC


  1.  Skylight  2.  Phaze Ulysses  3. Never the Same Thing  4. Bow to Thee, Absurde  5.  I Don’t Know  6.  Nature of the Beast  7.  7. For A While  8. Eye’s Pie  9. Prequel  Length: 42:16






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