Review: Take the Reins’ video/single ‘Last Stop Motel’

Video Review

Take the Reins

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Review: Take the Reins’ new video “Last Stop Motel” – Release date April 21, 2023

Take the Reins is back at it again with another alt-pop earworm with meaningful lyrics. This time, “Last Stop Motel” is about mindset and the way you can accidentally trap yourself in a one-stop location if you’re not careful with the mental patterns you allow yourself to flow into. Palm-muted chords from lead guitarist Dan Duffy blend well with the articulate and catchy riffs from lead guitarist David Burke, alongside Courtney Boyers’ strong vocals and catchy drumbeats courtesy of Matty Rebel.

The campy, dark aesthetic of the music video is equal parts thought-provoking and amusing, with inner demons on full display as the band members find themselves trapped in the “Last Stop Motel”. There’s also an intriguing voyeuristic quality, with the hotel management watching the unfortunate guests react to the mind games and terrifying stunts. I also loved the haunting vocal harmonies in the bridge section, probably meant to represent past versions of yourself coming back to haunt your present moment.

The brightness of the music builds an interesting tension with the more serious lyrics, but it efficiently motivates listeners to take their own mindsets seriously and live their best lives.





Angelina Singer