Review: Nolan Driscoll’s single ‘Drive’

Single Review

Nolan Driscoll. Photo by Erik Fralick

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Single Review: Nolan Driscoll’s “Drive” – Release date June 24, 2022

Written with summer breezes and good vibes blended into every note, “Drive” by Massachusetts-based alt-pop artist Nolan Driscoll is an ambient track reminding listeners “It’s okay to roll the windows down.” From its breezy bass-line opening slowly layered with plucky keyboard notes and a beautifully-articulated wind section, it’s the kind of song you’ll want on repeat while taking a warm, evening drive long before the sun sets. A moody and broody melodic solo punctuates the cadence of the tune in between sections, later building up to a bigger arpeggiated lead guitar section that fully showcases Driscoll’s undeniable mastery of phrasing and composition. Live your best life this summer with “Drive”. Windows down, volume up.



Angelina Singer