I the Mighty steal Detroit’s heart at The Shelter

I the Mighty

By Danielle Cauley, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

LOCATION: The Shelter in Detroit, Michigan

DATE: Sunday, September 18, 2016

Do you ever see a band live and think to yourself “Hey, they’re really good! I should start listening to their music”, then you go home and you completely forget. Unfortunately for me, I the Mighty was one of those bands I had briefly seen in the past–but after tonight, that opinion totally changed.

I walked into the venue right as the first band was starting. We’ve all seen those movies where everyone built it up to be this amazing movie that by the time you saw it, you were kind of disappointed. For me, that’s what it was like to see Here We Harbour. I heard from so many people how amazing they were, but I had never listened to them. By the time I had the chance to see them, I was expecting this mind blowing, amazing band. I feel bad for saying this because if it weren’t for the build up, I’d probably be sitting here typing about how good they are.

Before the next band started, the girl I had befriended told me about how crazy the singer’s vocals were. She wasn’t wrong. When Picturesque’s singer started to sing, I was blown away. He was hitting crazy notes. He almost sounded like Kellin Quinn back when Sleeping With Sirens first started. After that set Artifex Pereo appeared. I hadn’t heard of them before and didn’t know anything about them. I was really blown away by their passion and talent. They looked like they were having fun up there.

Besides I the Mighty, Dayshell was the only band I really knew anything about. I hate to say this but I didn’t know much about the band itself, but that the lead singer was a former member of Of Mice & Men. I had always meant to check them out, but never got around to it. From the time they entered the stage to the when they left, they absolutely shredded it.

When Dayshell was over, people were already getting pump for the next band: I the Mighty. This was my second time shooting them (I shot them back in February when they opened for Coheed and Cambria).  I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when taking pictures. Boy, was I wrong. Their light show was completely different and they took advantage of the fact that there was no pit between them and the crowd. During the set, they handed out shakers for the crowd to play with during one of their songs, which was a fun way to make them feel like they’re apart of them song. They also brought out drums and played them in the crowd, which was pretty cool. I’ve met so many bands and been to a lot of concerts, so when I feel like I can tell who plays because they love doing it and when they just want to get laid or be famous. I the Mighty definitely isn’t one of them.

I the Mighty,: Brent Walsh (vocals/guitar), Ian Pedigo (guitar), Chris Hinkley (bass), and Blake Dahlinger (drums)


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I the Mighty

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Danielle Cauley

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