Alt-rock band The Banshee Pilot brings the house down at Putnam’s Halloween ‘16

The Banshee Pilot

By Danielle Cauley, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

Venue: Crofoot Ballrom, Pontiac, Michigan–October 21, 2016

I love Halloween. It is one of favorite holidays. So being able to attend a concert with talented local bands while wearing a costume is definitely my scene.

The whole Crofoot was opened to guests. There were two stages: one inside the Crofoot and the other inside the Pike Room. There was also DJs playing in the Vernors Room. If guests wanted to get fresh air (or smoke), there was an outdoor area. Bars were also available throughout the venue for people to grab a drink, whether it was alcoholic or not.

As I entered the venue, I saw a wide range of costumes and efforts. There were people who went all out, and people who obviously didn’t try. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many Harley Quinn costumes as you would think. The highlight of my night was watching a guy in a giraffe with a padded butt costume mosh; the butt really came in handy.

The Banshee Pilot went on stage toward the end of the event, playing in the Pike Room. They were all dressed up in a costume, one of them even had really intense face makeup done. Even though they played on the smaller stage, it didn’t feel like it. The crowd was enjoying themselves and the band played without a care in the world. I hadn’t heard of the band before I was asked to do this assignment, but I’m glad I know them now. They looked like they were there to have fun and do what they loved. Towards the end of their set, the singer came out into the crowd with his guitar to play. I don’t know why, but I always appreciate when band members do that. It’s almost like they become one with their fans for a moment and no one is “greater” than anyone else.

When their set was over, the crowd started to chant for one more song. Before they started to play, The Banshee Pilot asked how much time they had left, being aware of their time limit. That’s not something you see often in bands. Usually they’ll keep playing until they decide to stop or “forced” off stage. I gain a new respect for them. Before they ended the set, they asked to have the crowd bang their heads for the last 10 seconds. Once they started to play, everyone start to bang their heads. It was a great way to end the set. Just play music and have everyone go hard.

Interview with The Banshee Pilot

Members: Gage Emmerson (Vocals), Brandan Lee Keller (Bass), Anthony Cipolla (Drums), Nicholas “Nick” Alfonsi (Guitar) and Tim Hicks (Guitar);Genre: Alternative or Pop-Punk; Home Town: Detroit, Michigan


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Danielle Cauley

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