Periphery’s Sonic Unrest Tour in Detroit: head banging, moshing, and jam bands


By Danielle Cauley, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

LOCATION: St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, Michigan-Friday, August 26, 2016–Periphery’s Sonic Unrest Tour with support by Toothgrinder, Chon, and SikTh

When I got the email about possibly shooting Periphery, my first thought was “who?”. I didn’t know any of the bands playing. I rarely go to shows where I don’t know anyone playing. When I do go, I’ll go with a friend who’s a fan. Sometimes not knowing what you’re getting yourself makes for the best shows.

I arrived a few minutes late to the show, so the first band had already started. Toothgrinder was your typical heavy metal band: loud, intense music with lots of hair flipping and head banging. They were very talented and I enjoyed listening them. Like most first acts, the crowd was listening to them, but wasn’t going hard. After their set was over, I was ready to listen to metal music for the rest of the evening.

When Chon came on stage, the first thing I noticed were the guitars. One had a floral pattern on it while the other had a green, blue, and white swirl. Once they started playing, I was thrown off. Is this a jam band? When I heard it I got excited, jam bands are my some of my favorite bands to listen to. But I wasn’t sure the crowd would feel the same. Boy, was I wrong. The crowd loved them! They even started a mosh pit during the set.

Between sets, I talked to a fellow photographer there. He told me that SikTh was a band from the UK who broke up for a while and recently got back together. He also told me that this was their first US tour. When the band came out, the crowd went nuts; the band and crowd really vibed off each other.

Before Periphery even went on, the crowd was going nuts. When they were doing the soundcheck, they started chanting “Sound guy! Sound guy!” Actually Periphery and the Sonic Unrest Tour began on August 4th in Raleigh, North Carolina and will end on September 1st in Baltimore. They have been touring to promote their recent album Periphery III: Select Difficulty (released July 22, 2016) and has been getting a lot of  rave reviews.  Also, from what I understand, Periphery will be touring Australia in February 2017 so Rock At Night can catch them in Sydney, Adelaide, or Perth.

When Periphery finally came out, the crowd was ready to go hard. The light show was intense and music was loud. The audience went wild when the band played their new single “Marigold”.  When I was done shooting, I thought to myself “This is why I’m going to be deaf at 30”.

Overall, the show was great and I walked out a fan of some new bands.

Periphery: Spencer Sotelo – Vocals, Misha Mansoor – Guitars, Jake Bowen – Guitars, Mark Holcomb – Guitars, Adam Getgood – Bass, Matt Halpern – Drums

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Danielle Cauley

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