Adam Ant in Clearwater, Florida: fit, sexy, and musically in top form

Adam Ant-Clearwater, Florida

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Venue: The Capitol Theatre, Clearwater, Florida–January 31, 2018–Anthems-The Singles Tour 2018-Adam Ant with Glam Skanks

Adam Ant-Clearwater, Florida

I have a confession. I’ve been in love with Adam Ant since my teens and was thrilled to see he was coming back to Florida to play at the Capitol Theatre, Clearwater, during his Anthems-Singles Tour. The last time I saw Adam Ant was in St. Petersburg, Florida in approximately 2013—and Rock At Night has been loyally following him not only in America but in the UK.

Well, September 2017 arrived and low and behold, so did Hurricane Irma. Most of the west coast of Florida was recuperating from the storm and many homes were without electricity.  Many concerts were cancelled—including Adam Ant—but he vowed to come back soon!  And indeed, he did!  On January 31, 2018, Adam Ant arrived at the Capitol Theatre to a sold-out gig with wall-to-wall Antpeople wearing black concert t-shirts, tricorn hats, military vests, and other remnants of Adam Ant’s many personas through the years. I attend a lot of rock and metal concerts and this one was full of women, many who likely hung posters on their bedroom walls, and worshiped at the Ant Throne.

Glam Skanks

To warm up the eager crowd, another Rock At Night favorite band, the Glam Skanks (see the band’s interview from 2017) hit the ground running with their anthem “G.L.A.M.” spouting lots of energy and fanfare, much to the crowd’s delight!  The glam rock band from California has been touring with Adam Ant and wowing crowds with their tight, high energy performances throughout the UK and America for the past year. I overhead a few concertgoer’s say, “Wow! These women are really good!” and there was a long-line of newly-found fans at the merch table, eager to purchase their CD “Glitter City”, pose for selfies, and meet the charismatic band.  One of my personal favorite songs played were the 50’s tinged “Fuck Off” (lots of humor here, folks). If you are fans of New York Dolls, Mott the Hoople, or plain good crunchy guitar rock with an attitude, Glam Skanks are for you!

While the Prelude to Act 1 of Carmen by Bizet played, the man of the evening, Adam Ant, sauntered on stage wearing shiny black pants, a leather tailored military jacket with decorative frogs, and a straw hat. He donned shoulder length hair, a thin mustache and goatee, and plenty of blue eye make-up and black eyeliner. He was stunning!  Immediately the audience stood at attention—and stayed there—for the entire show.  Normally at the Capitol Theatre, the genteel audience remains seated but not for this concert. Everyone stood dancing, mouthing the lyrics, cheering, whistling, and between songs screaming “We love you, Adam!”

Adam Ant chatted with the audience between songs saying how Hurricane Irma would not stop him from returning, that the band would play both “A” and “B” sides of various songs, and introduced songs like “Young Parisians” with quips about being young and in love.  He played hits that were popular on this side of the pond like “Stand and Deliver” and playfully removed his jacket to show off his toned, tattooed arms for “Strip”.  I have to say, his voice was fantastic and seeing him at age 63, well, only two words come to mind—“fit” and “sexy”.   Honestly, Adam Ant’s performance was firey and full of energy as he danced, twisted, lifted the mic stand, and constantly moved on the stage from side-to-side. I was captivated watching this reincarnated, highwayman pirate extraordinaire.

The audience totally went wild by the time the song “Goody Two Shoes” was played, because probably this was his most radio-friendly hit in America during MTV-80s days.  Many people do not realize how punk and even hard rock or metal a lot of his music is.  I had hoped he would have played “Wonderful” but he did play “Gotta’ Be a Sin” from the “Wonderful” CD (my favorite CD of the 90s, which I still often play).

A fan video

Possibly the most mesmerizing part of the evening was the end when the band played “Red Scab” and “Physical (You’re so)” because the visual interplay between the band members, the double-drumming, and sheer raw energy of hard rock and metal, blew me away.  Honestly, Adam Ant was in top form and could easily give rock musicians half his age a “run for their money.”  The show did not disappoint—and was even better than the last time I saw him. Brilliant!

Set List:

Beat My Guest
Vive Le Rock
Dog Eat Dog
Apollo 9
Friend or Foe
Room at the Top
Desperate But Not Serious
Car Trouble
Young Parisians
Prince Charming
Gotta Be a Sin
Puss ‘n Boots
Can’t Set Rules About Love
Christian D’or
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Greta X
B-Side Baby
Stand and Deliver

Goody Two Shoes
Lady/Fall In
Red Scab
Physical (You’re So)

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  1. It was a brilliant concert in Jacksonville. As a musical artist myself, it was wonderful to see him in fine form after all this time. AND the challenges and complications of the industry and life! I, too, have been a fan since nearly the beginning. Super pics! Thanks or the article.

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