Psychostick in London: humor and metal music that keeps you begging for more

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Boston Music Rooms, London–27th September 2016

Comedy Metal representative the humor-oriented satirical metal band Psychostick spiced up their London fans by presenting an insane show at Boston Music Room. The band members not only are great musicians but are also showmen in the their own right. They totally dominated the stage for one hour and a half, which usually is uncommon in the London pub music scene where audiences are used to 30-45 min sets. That was not a problem at all! I, we , the audience, could do another hour if not more for sure!

So many things to say here! I’ll be brief, very very brief sticking to the “key moments” as the pictures mainly show. Not sure if I remember the exact sequence though.

As great showmen do, they were stirring up the air in the music room with audience participation, moving the fans around which resulted in a mini-hurricane in front of the stage.  Then, there came the “straw-sombrero game” where a straw headpiece was thrown into the audience for the lucky owner to keep it. Instead,  it was torn apart to the smallest atomic size possible. These lucrative energy draining games did not tire down the audience, who wanted more and more.

Then came the “best smelling song” – as ‘Moose’ just named it – with a piece of mandarin lifted in the air being the mighty center of interest for a second. Then a whole pack of mandarins landed between the fans. Have I talked yet about the throwing the socks around on the stage and back to the fans?

Also having around nine thousand songs written and not being sure what to play, they let the audience choose. Then, came the Bruce Campbell song aka “Ash (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness)”.

My local fav was the “NSWF” song. Google it if you haven’t heard of, link:

Some lucky fans were randomly invited on the stage to pay their respects to the mighty band. It turned out that one of them, being a talented drummer, showed of his abilities in a surprising moment–even for the band’s drummer himself.

And so it went on, until the end which was again imaginative. With the audience still on the stage, the band members slowly left the stage letting the fans totally occupy it, while they were leaving, mixing and mingling with them off stage. That was a final fade out to the show. Friendly people, really!

Rock at Night had a rocket night with Psychostick! (that was bad). If you get the chance to see them, do not think twice– just follow your gut.

Hey, Psychostick come back to the UK soon, we love you!

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