BearWolves and Hussy at Finsbury Pub leaves everyone wanting more


By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: The Finsbury, London – August 15, 2016 – BearWolves – Hussy

Rock At Night was at the Finsbury Pub, London to catch two different but equally great bands BearWolves and Hussy.  Check out our impression of the bands  below:

Hussy – This girlband just captured my attention while I was listening to their only SoundCloud tune – “Forever.  Hussy started the set with a tender and soft feel at first…nice and mellow. Then all of a sudden, the whole mood changed to a more aggressive sound– and then like nothing happened,  the mood dampened to a soft and gentle feel.  The change of mood and tempo came off as a bit startling at first but it was interesting and unique. Obviously, Hussy’s music has a bit of dark feel to it while being witty and smart at the same time.  After a slow warm up undressing their intensity, the band started to gel, playing deeper and deeper until suddenly the last song was announced. Hey , the set felt short! It left me wanting to hear more!



Photo Gallery-Hussy

BearWolves – This was the band I actually came to see.  If you  see these guys play, you will never ever get tired of hearing them, but will only strengthen your affection with every song played. These guys give so much at  their live gigs that you definitely have to experience it–and  I mean not just listen, but actually see them perform. They were definitely “in the zone”.  I have rarely seen a band like this playing in such  harmony, enjoying their gig, which transmitted to the audience.  The crowd was grateful! The singer – Jess – just noted we were her “favorite audience”.  It was so nice to hear that!  I have to say “thank you” for that awesome performance and you are my fav band! I got the feeling during their set they could play until morning. Sadly,  it was a Monday night. Bummer. The stage was spiced up right from the first minute they stepped on stage and it flew by quickly until the end note.  Someone would have to have been there to get the picture and see how happy I was—as was the audience. True joy!






Photo Gallery-BearWolves


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Andras Paul

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