Review: VanGoGo’s cover of Eddie Murphy’s ‘Party All the Time’

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VanGoGo. Photo by Chyrisse.

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night New England

Review: Van GoGo’s single “Party All the Time” – Release date November 10, 2023

With this latest cover of “Party all the Time” from VanGoGo, listeners are treated to an 80s-style rock and roll reimagining of a beloved tune. With an opening electric guitar articulation reminiscent of something Led Zeppelin might produce, swelling chords and bass drums lead into the chorus amidst twinkling effects and plenty of angst. The vocalist’s strong tone leads the song forward with gusto, but the song feels different somehow — like the band is on a magical journey into the fairytale woods. Wherever this song takes you, enjoy this energetic rendition of a song that always brings a good time with it.








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