Review: Juniper Honey’s single ‘Why Did You Call?

Single Review

Juniper Honey

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Review: Juniper Honey’s single “Why Did You Call” – Release date July 7, 2023 such a sad concept, Juniper Honey’s latest single “Why Did You Call?” is an oddly bouncy tune with satisfying moody, groovy, borderline emo chords situated on a texturally-rich soundscape. Lyrics like “Darling, falling for you / Darling, if you don’t care at all, why did you call” are so heart-breaking, but somehow it’s impossible to feel sad while listening. Overall, the vocalist’s tone reminds me of Ross Lynch’s style (frontman of The Driver Era and formerly R5) — which is an added plus. Palm-muted, staccato chords in the second verse are especially effective in building up to the second chorus before the angstier bridge when everything sonically — and emotionally — collapses.

If you’re looking for your next favorite summer earworm, this song hits the spot. I highly recommend the other song I’ve reviewed by Juniper Honey as well (“Stone Me”). This alternative rock band has an undeniable flair for storytelling that’s more than just their words — even their music gets in on the act. If you’re a fan of bands like COIN, The Strokes, or Neon Trees, I’m confident you’ll love Juniper Honey too.




Who is Juniper Honey?

Juniper Honey is a growing alt-rock band originally out of Southern California, but now based in San Luis Obispo. Original members Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar) and Donovan Hess (drums) began their journey together in 2020, playing various venues from SoCal to the Central Coast with their old band. In the later months of 2022, Jake and Don picked up guitarist Cason LeSueur and bassist Josh West to officially form Juniper Honey. With a few homemade numbers, the group immediately hit the studio and plan on releasing their first studio work throughout 2023.


Angelina Singer