Review: Never Coming Home’s single “Nevermind”

Single Review

Never Coming Home. Photo by Owen Tierney

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Review: Never Coming Home’s single “Nevermind” – Release date March 10, 2023

Rhode Island pop punk band Never Coming Home is leading the local scene, but quickly expanding their reach — and for good reason. Formed while the members were still in high school, this band has quickly grown sonically and artistically from their humble, home-grown roots. With a lot of talent and post-adolescent angst comes a more matured sound with their newest single “Nevermind”.
Outlining the frustration of a past relationship, the listener is greeted from the intro with Aidan Sullivan’s raspy vocals, beautifully contrasted with Anthony Hefler’s brighter tone in the chorus. Punctuated by classic pop punk half-time drums later in the song courtesy of Merritt Cathers’ clockwork timing, this song has all the auditory features you’d expect for its genre. “Now we see that all the love was wasted / one minute it was worth it just to taste it” sums up the message eloquently, and I especially loved the clever ad-libs in between sections and the decision to drop the title into the song this way.
My favorite sonic moments have to be the advanced vocal harmonies in the chorus similar to something My Chemical Romance might do to fill a stadium. And that’s a good thing, because I know for a fact Never Coming Home is on their way there.






All press photos and single cover created by Owen Tierney


Angelina Singer