Review: Depression Expression’s single ‘Anonymous’

Single Review

Expression Depression

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Review: Depression Expression’s single “Anonymous”-Available worldwide February 28, 2023

Ethan Hanna of Depression Expression. Photo by Quinn Imgrund.

This anti-Valentine’s Day track by Depression Expression is a solid effort into the indie genre, with emotional lyrics and a heartfelt contribution to frustration with romance. Not everything is roses and chocolate, and this song clearly shares that feeling with its tense, underlying rhythms and intriguing chord progression. This artist has an enthralling vision, and is sure to grow in their art with time and experience in the industry. For now, listen to “anonymous” for a relatable track that will make you feel less alone on this holiday all about being with someone else.


You broke my heart on an ordinary day
It still hurts the same
I held you in the cold
so you wouldn’t shiver
now you leave me high and dry
to the winter
Dating all my friends,
Ignoring all my messages…




Tiktok: @depressexpress069 
Angelina Singer