Review: Migrant Motel’s single ‘Shame’

Single/Video Review

Migrant Motel

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Music Review: Migrant Motel’s single “Shame”-Release Date December 1, 2022

Are you looking for your new favorite quarter-life crisis anthem? Look no further than “Shame” by indie duo Migrant Motel. It’s got a clear-alt pop formula that fits seamlessly on most radio stations in Mexico and the United States of America. The quirky ad-libbed intro and ending to this raw, deceptively unfinished track with “Ramen Noodles on a MacBook Pro,” situates listeners in that awkward phase between being a young adult and a more established member of society. In this new track, Migrant Motel coaxes everyone’s worst coming-of-age fears out of the shadows before offering a warm blanket and a dirty bass line to keep anxiety at bay. So wherever you’re located in life’s journey, why not get familiar with this new track? It’s a great reminder that when shame feels unbearable, you’re closer to a breakthrough than you might think.



Migrant Motel






Angelina Singer