Chatting with singer/songwriter Liv

Podcast Interview

Liv-Photo by Alene Pierro.


By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Massachusetts

Interview with Liv

Liv. is an up-and-coming Americana artist with gusto and heart-aching melodies primed and ready to enthrall fans of Michelle Branch, Alanis Morissette, and Phoebe Bridgers alike. The range of her first full-length album Young, Dumb, and In Love is unmatched by most, as she goes from exploring unadulterated rage in eviscerating rant track “The Mistake”, to encouraging listeners like a warm hug and cup of tea as seen in sunshine-slathered anthem “Hey You”. In this spirited discussion all about the symbolism and experiences of writing a glittering album that is equal parts nostalgic and mature, we discussed sonic tropes and stylistic choices alongside her real-life inspirations. Take, for example, the striking syncopated drum beat in “Red Hoodie” – plus whether or not that symbol is at all tied to the infamous red scarf metaphor as recently coined by Taylor Swift. The deep, brooding, mystery vocalist on “If You Wanted To” is also mentioned, before the album ends on the particularly evocative and emotional track “Big Red Moon” that is, quite literally, the artist’s favorite song she has ever written.

Listen to Young, Dumb, and In Love by Liv. Available on November 4, 2022

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