Review: Letchen Grey’s single ‘Castaway’

Single Review

Letchen Grey

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Music Review: Letchen Grey’s single ‘Castaway’ – Release date October 12, 2022

Electric guitar-infused angst opens this latest song by Letchen Gray all about finding your rhythm in the journey that is life. “Castaway” is a song that’s big on the word-play of escapism mixed with the off-beat emphasis and haunting resonance of reggae music. With heavy influences from the 70s and 80s, this song transports listeners to the sand and surf, and all the nostalgia that comes with it. The best thing about more ambiguous themes like this one is that the listener can really apply the idea of being a castaway to anything in their life.

The artists behind the dream-like state of this music are rhythm guitarist Mark Andersen, drummer Tony Ross, vocalist Bradley Mangrum, and bassist Jeff Rey. Although the band took a hiatus in the 80s after a grueling career chasing fame on the Sunset Strip, they’ve been back and ready to rock since 2021. Enjoy this gritty track on the beach with your beverage of choice in hand, brave enough to be a castaway from anything in life that is no longer serving your best interest.



“Castaway” was written by Eric Asevo, Alan Niven (former Guns n Roses/Great White) manager and Mark Andersen.  The song was produced by Alan Niven and Chris Catero and was recorded in Chandler Arizona at SER Soundworks.






Angelina Singer

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