Review: Jeremy Shada’s single ‘Ghosted’

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Jeremy Shada "Ghosted"
By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston
Review: Jeremy Shada’s single “Ghosted”

From Netflix sensation Julie and the Phantoms comes an electrifying hit straight out of the 80s. Jeremy Shada shot to stardom more recently as his latest character Reggie – one of the three teen heartthrobs back from the dead who helped protagonist Julie find her love of music again. Now he’s hitting the airwaves with original music spanning multiple genres ranging from rock, to pop, and everything in between.

“Ghosted” pays homage to the show that was sadly cancelled after one season, meant to be a love letter to fans that were left, well, ghosted. Sonically, it’s filled with bright, distorted guitar riffs layered behind chugging chords and digitized moments bringing to mind 80s icons like Huey Lewis and the News, Journey, and 38 Special. Thematically, the narrative of the song portrays memories behind a relationship that ended but never really left the mind of the speaker. “How many lovers have you left for dead / how long will the ghost of you haunt this bed?” are only some of the poignant lyrics relating to the agitating nature of connections that never completely cross over. To really drive home the point, the song also ends with heavy feedback that hesitates to fully let go, giving listeners a small taste of what it’s like to be left with tangible emotions that can no longer be comfortably explained.

Not only is he a gifted actor, but Jeremy Shada also has the know-how to craft catchy hits that will keep fans satisfied long after his final notes hit the microphone. Listen to “Ghosted” as well as his other tunes on Spotify; they will get stuck in your head – but you won’t even be mad about it.




Angelina Singer