Review: On High’s single ‘Malibu’

Single Review

On High

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Review: On High’s single ‘Malibu’-Release date August 26, 2022

Infused with satisfying distorted guitar riffs and memories of teenage angst from start to finish, the debut single “Malibu” from new pop punk band On High is on track to be your next emo kid late-summer obsession. You might recognize lead vocalist and guitarist Sam Boxold from his YouTube covers or previous band Makeout – and now he’s back and better than ever alongside bassist Alex Lofton and drummer Andy Ackroyd.

With smooth lyrics that bring you right back to unforgettable summers filled with unlimited adventures and maybe a little too much booze, you’ll love the half-time drums and palm-muted energy reminiscent of Warped Tour royalty. The clever lyrical comparison of a frustrated, broken romance to a hangover is both poetic and visceral enough to be relatable to anyone who’s experienced a broken heart. I also enjoyed how the band eloquently portrayed the feeling of being drunk and emotional in the bridge of the song with lyrics like “So what? I’m close enough to no care. / I’m so drunk I think that I can see you here / I know that you know that I… / I’m so lost. I think I need another.”

If their next releases are half as good as this first track, I think it’s safe to say On High will have no shortage of fans wherever they take the party next.


Angelina Singer