Single Review: Abigail Fierce’s ‘Shallow Love’

Single Review

Abigail Fierce

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Review: Abigail Fierce’s single “Shallow Love”-June 24, 2022

This dreamy new track with inventive percussion and gorgeous melodies from Abigail Fierce evokes a cozy evening in with your one true love. Best of all, this love isn’t built off of anything materialistic. Rather, it’s a deeply emotional experience exuberantly calling out anyone who can’t see past the surface of a potential lover. “He’s not checking his reflection / and I don’t have to beg for his affection” refers to someone who brings so much more to a relationship than the stereotypical things most people might prioritize. Point in case, Abigail Fierce’s “Shallow Love” proves that what’s inside will always be more important than what’s seen at first glance. And best of all, there’s nothing wrong with finding fulfillment in the most surprising of packages.



Angelina Singer