Review: Take The Reins’ single/video ‘I’m At Your Door’

Single Review

Take the Reins
By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Boston

Review: Take The Reins’ single/video “I’m At Your Door”-May 27, 2022

From the plucky, hilarious intro to the eccentric moments sprinkled throughout this latest release from alt-punk band Take The Reins, “I’m at Your Door” is a cheeky romp from start to finish. Signed to Flat Aht Records, this dynamic husband and wife duo brings energetic beats paired with hearty vocals and powerful harmonies – so it’s no wonder they’re getting attention. Throughout this snarky concept video, the viewer “meets” all the unique characters that could appear at your doorstep as a metaphor for a frustrated lover coming back to their estranged partner begging for forgiveness. From a vacuum dealer, to aliens disguised as some kind of evangelists, and some very edgy preteen girls selling cookies, there’s never a dull moment captured from this doorbell camera lens.

Take the Reins brings all this and more in a sparkling snapshot of everyday life that will keep you entertained the whole time you’re watching and listening.




Angelina Singer