Review: Los Angeles band 3LH’s single ‘Shadow’

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3LH. Photo by Visual Eyes LA

By Angelina Singer, Rock At Night Contributor

3LH Shadow
3LH – “Shadow”

Review: 3LH’s single ‘Shadow’-Released via My Grito Industries

Rock At Night Says: Begging to be blasted out the speakers of a classic hot rod on a warm summer evening, “Shadow” by 3LH is an anthemic jewel. Laced with addictive glittering lead guitar licks layered over spunky doo-wop beats, this band aims to please boomers and millennials alike. The quirky concept video showcases the diverse personalities of the band members through the intriguing use of abandoned mannequins – hinting at the personalities people put on that don’t fit their true selves. Dive into this sparkling tune to welcome warm weather and brighter days ahead while embracing the uniquely exuberant Latino punk musical stylings of 3LH.

Their forthcoming debut album Silver Dream Road will be out everywhere on 12″ LP / Digital on Friday May 13th 2022 via My Grito Industries.

Comprised of Rafa Heredia (Guitar/ Vocals), Johnny Villanueva (Keys/Guitar) Kevin Carranza (Drums) Favian Vega (Bass), 3LH deliver the tones of the likes of guitar virtuosos like Link Wray, The Kinks, mixed with the garage /punk sensibilities of modern acts like The Growlers, The Frights and Tijuana Panthers.

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