Allison Russell releases new version of “Persephone” following appearance on The Late Show 

Allison Russell - Photo by Marc Baptise

By Connor Shelton, Rock At Night St. Louis, MO

 Review: Allison Russell’s single”Persephone” from the album Outside Child – Release date 2021

ROCK AT NIGHTS SAYS: Just seventh months after the release of the stellar Outside Child, Allison Russell is already offering up an alternate version of the album’s second single, “Persephone.” Sporting a slightly slower tempo and an elegant set of strings, the “Luck Mansion” rendition of the track has a fuller sound than the warm but occasionally sparse original. Despite the potential this has to drown out Russell’s voice, it instead challenges the singer to work her vocal cords and work them she does. There’s so much vulnerability and rawness in Russell’s vocal, but she never loses control of her voice (just listen to the way she attacks the note in the word “bruised”). It’s an impeccable tune that somehow maintains the rich beauty of the original. Listen to the song below!  



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Connor Shelton