Review: Ninet Tayeb’s single ‘Who Is Us?’

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Ninet Tayeb

By Connor Shelton, Rock At Night St. Louis

Review: Ninet Tayeb’s single/video “Who Is Us?” – Release June 10, 2022

Though American audiences might not recognize the name, Ninet Tayeb, the artist has been a defining voice for rock music in her home country of Israel. She first came to attention by winning Israeli Idol before launching a career in music and acting. Though she faced hiccups along the way, she stuck to the stage and became one of Israeli’s most recognizable figures in the entertainment industry. Though crossover success in the United States has yet to be seen despite several English language albums, Tayeb has maintained her fierce determination.

Rock at Night Says: Featuring a hypnotic riff atop a rather uncommon chord sequence, “Who Is Us” subtly marries the musical traditions of Israel with the inspiring rock that is associated with the United States to create something wholly unique. It is a piece of music which cannot be classified as derivative for it is 100% Ninet. Featuring loads of suspense and hair-raising vocals, “Who Is Us” is bound to stay lodged in your head for days, thus making it a fitting track to kick off the summer.

Watch the video below.


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