Uncanny Valley erupts with debut single “Pushing Daisies”

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Uncanny Valley

By Connor Shelton, Rock At Night St. Louis

Review: Uncanny Valley’s single “Pushing Daisies”

Based out of the St. Louis area, Uncanny Valley’s origin story is one we’ve all heard before. They were friends in high school that started playing music together, the first bands they were in fizzled out, they kept at it and built up a local following, yada yada yada. Stories like that are dime a dozen, but the music Uncanny Valley performs isn’t. Yes, they’re one of the many groups contributing to the pop-punk revival of the 2020s, but to simply dismiss what they’re doing and call it snotty angst would be a disservice to the group. Uncanny Valley are a band who echo the experiences that haunt us and through their art, are able to make a connection with their audience in a way that few are capable of.

Rock at Night Says: With a tight dynamic and crisp mix, it’s easy to assume that Uncanny Valley have been around for years. Yet to the shock of many, the band are only in their early ‘20s and that youthful energy can be found in the composition. It’s hard hitting with its riffs and drum fills, the song has an undeniable bounce, and the lyrics are practically confrontational in their honesty. While undoubtedly about the fallout of a relationship, a passing glance at the lyrics also suggest this to be an examination of mental health issues. It’s this seamless combination of the two issues – ones which plague many of us – that truly elevates the song. This isn’t just a track to play in the background, but one to pay attention to.

Listen to “Pushing Daisies” below:


Uncanny Valley will be playing shows across the Midwest this summer and are set to release more singles throughout the year. Be on the lookout for their music.

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