Wild the Coyote Takes the Road Less Traveled on ‘Silver Round Bullet’

Wild the Coyote. Photo by Mary Jane Cole

By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night Philly

Review: Wild the Coyote’s video for “Silver Round Bullet” – October 21, 2021

Wild the Coyote ‘Silver Round Bullet’

Wild the Coyote (in full Joey Styles), is the unique, gritty, badass phantom cowboy of outlaw music with a misfitting murk Johnny Cash presence who reappears in dark to take the road less traveled on his newly invigorating October 21st release video, ‘Silver Round Bullet.’

Deep rooted in the barrel of blues, this shooting Los Angeles based alt-country rocker grew up in a quiet little farm town (Templeton, California) off the beaten path where he spilled ink across pages in the woods and wrote the toiling lyrics to, Silver Round Bullet; a straying risk one is constantly reminded of when it comes to chasing a dream. Though the struggles aren’t enough, the defeatist thoughts in one’s head begin to question how long a dream can survive the gunsmoke misfiring success. Nonetheless, Wild the Coyote in the crossfire of defeat, took a sacrificial shot at victory and inserted himself in the music industry with the same relentless intent he had growing up.

Now having travelled in performance all throughout North America, Wild the Coyote has landed himself in the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee to the Slumfest music festival in Nashville. The opening act for Interscope Recording artist Yelawolf on his GhettoCowboy Tour, was yet another land of many achievements.

In spite of the mud crawling hardship in the trenches or experience suffered or endured, Wild the Coyote highlights the good, the bad, and the ugly. He continues to reap and prevail as a genuine article, the real deal, a badass on some cowboy shit who continues to stand his ground across from adversity.

Silver Round Bullet puts an end to a conversation, a cesspool of begrudge or some sort of his own cynical thoughts. This is still only the beginning of his storytelling, where he expertly rides the lonesome trail of trial and tribulation and finds his way through, old western style. “Goddamnit, I’m lost/everything comes at a cost.”


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