Revisiting ANTIBOY’s Posthumous ‘Insanity’

Harry Hains - Photo by Ella Weisskamp

By Anthony Mclaude, Rock At Night Philadelphia

Review: Antiboy’s single “Insanity” – Release date February 9, 2022

Two years after exiting Earth, ANTIBOY, a transcendent, godlike androgyny and genderfluid moniker he’d compose as binary-shattering musical personae of the late Harry Haines. While he is no longer here, he still lives on and leaves behind an unfinished legacy of a label-less world through family, friends and kindred spirits, including his mother, actress and ‘80s sci-fi icon, Jane Badler, who knew earthly concerns weren’t finished experiencing his vision of pushing against boundaries and binaries to find much to our relief, inclusiveness, compassion, and equality.

The deepest, most extraordinary celestial star known as ANTIBOY, American Horror Story actor,  has not once lost his shine. On February 9th, 2022, a voice that transcended, reminiscent of his Ziggy Stardust appearance of poeticism, is set to release posthumously delivered by Badler, a self-inflicted and self-destructive, yet puissant music video titled, ‘Insanity.’

Insanity as a conflicted-dualing diary through Leah Marojević’s evocative movement and frenzied dancing in an isolation laboratory, which offered little comfort in the empty void, soundless, and thus, showcasing the heaviness of one’s heart in performance art. A reject opus, paralyzed by others judgments in this game of labels, ANTIBOY, having suffered, sustained, and undergone an exacerbated COVID-19 pandemic whilst remaining enjoyable, the boy who feared nothing continued to commit his vision.

Now unburdened from social constructs, the glitch in paradise, Harry Haines, flaunts from the stratosphere; no boundaries, a “presence that lingers beyond mind, beyond body because that presence has seeped into being.” This being, much like his earthly presence, glamorous, gorgeous and beautiful, his message, still afresh of acceptance, was needed in the world today. Through his music, he will live on to teach us the story of love, and that all the things we’ve been taught to believe in are an illusion.




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Anthony Mclaude

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK