Garage punk The Killer Smiles release single “Raising the Stakes”

The Killer Smiles

Single Review: “Raising the Stakes” by The Killer Smiles—Release June 10, 2020 by Die Laughing/Golden Robot Records

OK…in light of this dreary time, listening to this single “Raising the Stakes” by The Killer Smiles made my day!  Yes, really! It captures 80s New Wave, which I have been longing for!  Fast tempo drum beat. Uplifting lyrics. Cool pause in the middle before jumping back on the carousel with more fun.  I could have danced to this at a cellar bar during the day.

So, who is The Killer Smiles? To my delight the band consists of a collaboration between legendary Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray, vocalist Skip McSkipster (Ron Greer) of The Wynona Riders/Dead Kennedys, drummer Steve Wilson of TATU, and bassist Greg Reeves.  The song was produced by Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers guitarist). So, it is no wonder with a pedigree like this, the whole 80s New Wave feel was rightly captured.

The full album Raising the Stakes will be released on June 12th via Die Laughing/Golden Robot Records. You can listen to a preview of the 12-song album HERE. We are talking about rip-roaring garage rock and 80s punk that is music to my ears and warms my heart. Listen to “Area 51” for starters.


Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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