Album Review: The Sherlock’s ‘Under Your Sky’

By Lloyd Wakeling, Rock At Night Manchester

Album Review: The Sherlock’s Under Your Sky-Release date October 4, 2019

There is a reason why young people generally annoy me…they seem to have way too much fun!! This new album from The Sherlocks epitomises that carefree, jumping up and down thing that us older people can’t do anymore. It bounces from track to track with a verve and a sound that excites the feet into tapping uncontrollably and fires up any inner youth that is still hanging on. Guitar fuelled and rhythm driven, it is laden with a simple boy meets girl narrative that is essentially what Rock and Roll was built on and apologises for none of it!

“Guitar-fuelled and rhythm-driven

From beginning to end there is a joy in the music of The Sherlocks and given that this is only their second album, the song writing shows a maturity that hints of much to come. Infectious lyrically, it feels like an album you’ve heard before, yet can’t place and dances it’s way into every moment you stay to listen. I think I played this album far too much for my own good, it made me feel stupidly young again and that can’t be good can it!







Lloyd Wakeling

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