Album Review: Feeder’s ‘Tallulah’

By Von Golaka, Rock At Night Manchester

Album review: FEEDER-Tallulah.   Release date August 9, 2019

Impression: “A Welsh Foo Fighters”


Sticking to what they do best on Tallulah their 10th album release (due out on 9th August) Feeder incorporate a heavily US influenced post-punk, alt-rock formula into the song writing showcased and crank up the energy as they look to consolidate their recent resurgence and it’s a fairly safe bet that it will appeal to fans old and new alike and do the job. The Welsh do not readily discard their cultural icons and influences and instinctively cherish them, incorporating them into national narratives and Feeder should comfortably benefit from this sentiment along with the likes of The Manics and The Stereophonics. Having said that Tallulah has plenty of punch, pace and power to its 12 songs that give it a standalone merit and it should have no trouble exciting a new generation looking for gems that have kept their sparkle. Tallulah is an essentially upbeat and easily accessible bundle which will play out well over the Atlantic too, one would guess. The opener “Youth” sets the tone and is full of summery hooks and neat guitar phrasing and thereafter Feeder easily maintain the momentum throughout “Tallulah” with no discernible slacking off. No question Tallulah is a solid effort that should play out well in planned autumn touring. Da iawn lads.

So Tallulah is a safe bet as Feeder stays on their well trodden and fertile path (which has always worked for them) and they look set fair to maintain their prolific output. Consisting of tight 3 or 4 minute radio play and festival friendly guitar driven songs that a band half their age would be proud to call theirs (like, say, Feeder when they debuted) “Tallulah” proves that old guys do, in fact, rule! Here they know what their fans want and deliver it in spades. No messing, bish, bash, bosh

The ‘Tallulah’ tracklisting is:

  1. ‘Youth’
  2. ‘Blue Sky Habit’
  3. ‘Daily Habit’
  4. ‘Fear Of Flying’
  5. ‘Rodeo’
  6. ‘Tallulah’
  7. ‘Shapes And Sounds’
  8. ‘Guillotine’
  9. ‘Kyoto’
  10. ‘Kite’
  11. ‘Windmill’
  12. ‘Lonely Hollow Days’



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