Saint Agnes leaves audience begging for more at Oslo Hackney

By Andras Paul, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Oslo Hackney-London

The name Saint Agnes became a magic standing around the London underground live music fans along the years. Not in vain, the band has put on the table several catchy hits since on their spectacular live gig road. What makes the difference is every tune has a character and if that’s not enough all are having their own staging, cause appearance counts and they’re aware of that!

Oslo a spacious live music venue at Hackney was the latest port for the growing London fan base who could finally see them live. Have to say the expectation was big, but when seeing them live that’s something different shocking mind blowing thing!

Their latest single ‘Merry Mother of God Go Round’ was released that day available for free listening on Bandcamp and also in limited availability in 7″ Vinyl, but for the full enjoyment one has to go for their concert and see them live in order to authenticate this all.

Saint Agnes quietly burst on stage (at least that was the feeling). Even seeing them set up and soundcheck for a few minutes before start – the performance had a whirl until the end. Several new songs along with the already iconic ones like “A Beautiful Day for Murder”, “Roadhouse Blues” went on with their arresting performance. And then came “Merry Mother of God Go Round” near the end of the evening. The stage was set to match their latest video for the same song and yeah, with some black balloons everywhere on and off the stage.

The show ended with the summer release “Sister Electric”, a punchy good choice for an exploding ending (and one of my personal favs). Standing in front of the stage there, I was shocked for a couple of minutes, actually waiting for the encore to come. It’s just when you can’t have enough from a great set! Saint Agnes rocked the night again!

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Andras Paul

Forest Live Festival – UK

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