Chatting with guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman discusses how his latest album Inferno has been received by audiences; speaks about his bandmates and the way he chose them while assembling the touring band; shares how he feels now when looking back at his early albums, including the source of inspiration back in the day; how adding ethnic elements to heavy metal can drastically change the way an album sounds and how much he admires musicians that do so, like Yossi Sassi; details of his collaboration with his lifelong friend Jason Becker, who was his partner during the Cacophony years; and how he does not think of himself as a rock star, despite his vast accomplishments as a musician. […]

Chatting with the Brit blues-rock band rumHoney

rumHoney discusses the story behind their name, American blues versus Brit blues-rock, their bonding after a near death experience on an Alpine road, touring in Italy, the multi-cultural backgrounds of the band members, their love of Southern blues rock—Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and now Blackberry Smoke and Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi, Elvis’ birthday and soul traveling, and much more! There is plenty of comedy in the interview as the guys play off each other so you do not want to miss this one! […]

Chatting with alt-rock band The Banshee Pilot

The Banshee Pilot discussed the making of their new video in the dunes of Michigan and an abandoned church; the second EP which will be released toward Summer; the formation of the band after going through a line-up change; their musical influences, which include Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At the Disco; the trials of self-producing when one is already a professional in the music industry; and the importance of live show performances and not playing “too often” in one’s hometown. The band even discussed their unabashed love for mainstream bands like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and Adele and what they do “for fun” in their off-time. […]