Chatting with musician and author Flash Silvermoon about Janis Joplin

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By Anita Stewart, Rock at Night Tampa Correspondent and Yes She Rocks Columnist

Chatting with Flash Silvermoon — Musician, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Animal Advocate and Healer–Happy Birthday Janis Joplin! 

Flash Silvermoon
Flash Silvermoon


12490191_1059760184068630_1558797310_oAs we slammed into 2016, a brand new year, Rock at Night did an enchanting interview with Flash Silvermoon about her music and her ebook about Janis Joplin in celebration of January 19th and what will be Janis’s upcoming 73rd birthday. Their story is mystically told in Flash’s ebook: “Janis Joplin and Me: 40 Years of Music and Magic.

Janis and Flash have had an ongoing friendship that began during a chance meeting in real time on this earth plane and at the very beginning of Janis’s career. This unusual camaraderie continues to this day through space and time.

Flash Silvermoon & Janis 1Even though Janis has been in the ethers since 1970, she continues to make her presence known. The two have formed a cosmic meeting of minds and souls and have become kindred spirits as Janis continues to communicate in the most mysterious of ways. During our interview, Flash Silvermoon and I discuss her work and how her art, writing and music continues to be influenced by Janis’s communication and presence from the “other side.”

Flash’s old base was NYC and after many years she settled in the quaint area of Melrose, just south of Gainesville, Florida where she continues to work as a psychic, does magic, plays music, produces and hosts a radio show called “What the Animals Tell Me” and communicates with Janis under her old “Grandmother Tree.”


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