Chatting with Mama Gina-bard, folk artist and songwriter

Mama Gina

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Anita Stewart, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent and Columnist

12490191_1059760184068630_1558797310_oRock At Night welcomes Anita Stewart’s new column called  Yes She Rocks, featuring women songwriters and music-makers.


Rock at Night got to speak with Gina LaMonte aka “Mama Gina” who is a prolific songwriter that has a lengthy musical history of gigging in cover bands on weekends while working a day job as a paralegal. She is a multi-instrumentalist; she plays guitar and various hand drums and has powerful vocals and writes masterful lyrics.

She finally gave up the day job and stepped out in faith to pursue her musical destiny and nothing could have made her happier to be following her bliss! She enchants with her skillfully crafted songs that reflect the energy of the Gods, Goddesses, Spirituality, Healing and Mother Earth.

A lover of sharing her musical gifts live, Mama Gina is a regular on the national Pagan Festival scene and can be seen at house concerts, coffeehouses, special events and busking all over the Tampa Bay area, the state of Florida and beyond.

She has big plans for 2016 that include a tour and travels out west to the Pacific coast and into otherworldly realms! Don’t miss her when she comes near you and be sure to check out her upcoming events and her music on her site, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and all the social networks.


Gina LaMonte aka “Mama Gina”

Mama Gina




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