Chatting with Viking death metal band Withering Earth

Withering Earth


By Chyrisse Tabone, Tampa Correspondent

Members: Greg Moir – Guitar/Lead Vocals, Dick Wisby – Guitar, Robert McGregor – Bass, and Keith Harris – Drums; Genre: Melodic Death Metal; Home Town; Melbourne, Florida, USA

Rock At Night had the pleasure of hearing self-proclaimed Viking death metal band play at Venue 578 in Orlando, Florida on November 28th.  Withering Earth was the support band for GWAR that evening and played a tight set to much fanfare, cheering, and circle pits during what was their second gig (although one would never know it).  I was able to chat with them in the parking lot (we needed a quiet spot) about the origin of the band’s name, their musical influences, unusual facts about individual members, shapeshifting, Viking lore, wolf “snuggies”, and even their opinion of Swedish death metal band (my new fav’), Ghost. It was really a fun and entertaining interview so click on the link above to listen or click below for the iTunes.

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