Chatting with ukulele band Flea Bitten Dawgs

David Henry Spangler

By Chyrisse Tabone, Tampa Correspondent

Rock At Night covers mostly rock music entertainment but sometimes likes diversity by reporting on the “Ukulele World.”  In recent years as the popularity of ukuleles has been rekindled, quite a few guitarists and former rockers have discovered the joy by transposing classic songs to the ukulele. Rock At Night interviewed Thom “Thom Dawg” Pallozola about how he transitioned from a rocker to a touring ukulele artist with the Flea Bitten Dawgs.  The Dawgs have toured with Bermudian ukulele artist Mike Hind as well as singer/songwriter Donna Frost.

You might bump into the band at ukulele workshops as well as the famous Ukulele World Congress weekend held in Needmore, Indiana every June. Listen to the interview!

Members: David Henry Spangler,  Thom Pallozola, Lee Kram; Genre: Music played on ukuleles; Home Town: St. Louis area










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