Chatting with Orlando rock band Cinema Stereo

Cinema Stereo

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Interview with Cinema Stereo

Ian Rayha of Cinema Stereo

Rock At Night was introduced to rock band Cinema Stereo’s music early in June after we reviewed their self-titled debut album. Manchester correspondent Anselm Anderson says, “Cinema Stereo brings a distinct sound of retro rock full of energy and powerful music to the rock scene.”

We caught up with the band earlier in August on the tail end of their tour which commenced in South Dakota and ended in their hometown of Orlando. They are embarking on a fall tour on October 7th in Tampa, Florida and runs through the end of the month. The band will travel mostly in the southeast but will head also include gigs in Memphis and Nashville.

Sebastian Borysek of Cinema Stereo

Check out Cinema Stereo’s podcast interview and of course, their music below. It will appeal to fans of Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, and fans of 70s rock.

Cinema Stereo: Ian Rayha (Lead Vocals/Bass/Synthesizers), Sebastian Borysek (Lead Guitar) and Luke Pate (Drummer).

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