Review: Cinema Stereo’s album ‘Cinema Stereo’

Album Review

Cinema Stereo

By Anselm Anderson, Rock At Night Manchester, UK

Review: Cinema Stereo’s album-Cinema Stereo-Release date June 24, 2022

Floridian Rockers Cinema Stereo emerge with their brand-new self-titled debut. The trio was formed last year by Ian Rayha, Sebastian Burysek and Luke Pate. They combine 70’s summer vibes with 80’s anthemic rock. The LP features notable influences from bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith with bluesy riffs and huge choruses.

The exuberant rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Better Times’ launches the album into life as a feel-good track, steeped full of warmth and charm. Next up is the 70’s infused grooves of ‘Good Old Days’, a song that has thick riffs over a colossal vocal performance. The LP runs the risk of running out of steam with slower numbers like ‘No More’ and ‘No One Needs Your Love (Like I Do)’ allowing the band an opportunity to bare their souls. The two parts ‘Lady in Red’ is a charming and enchanting tale of love with the addition of nicely fitted string arrangements setting the scene. The LP wraps up with the boogie blues of ‘The Wine Song’ raising the tempo once more with some raucous rock.

Overall, Cinema Stereo brings a distinct sound of retro rock full of energy and powerful music to the rock scene.





Anselm Anderson