Review: White Cowbell Oklahoma’s album ‘Textos Raros-Vol 1’

White Cowbell Oklahoma

By Anselm Anderson

Review: White Cowbell Oklahoma’s album Textos Raros-Vol 1

White Cowbell Oklahoma

Southern Rockers’ White Cowbell Oklahoma have released their first archival album ‘Textos Raros-Vol 1 (2001-2011) via their own record label Slick Monkey Records.

Established in 1999 in Toronto, Canada. The band have gained a reputation for their chaotic live performances over the past twenty years. This forty-minute release features eleven rare and never released tracks.

The band combines the energies of Deep Purple with the laid-back roots rock of The Allman Brothers. The LP starts with the fun-loving ‘Take Me Down to Mexico’ a mix of psychedelic rock vocals and soaring Hammond organs ala Deep Purple. Next up is a cover of one of the aforementioned band Deep Purple’s greatest hits ‘Black Star’, and then there is the laid-back charms of ‘(Just) Some Things A Man Can’t Keep Inside’. The band start to come into their own with a rich stoner vibe with structured songs that appeal to the listener. The band add fun alongside nostalgia to their music, as heard on the Southern blues of ‘Shot A Gamblin Man’, a possible nod to The Allman Brothers, and ‘Lone Star Love-In’, a swaggering tune with solid guitar work and ruffled vocals.

White Cowbell Oklahoma write engaging lyrics straight out the swamplands with stellar guitar solos and riffs that feels like A return to the days of good ol’ Southern Rock of the seventies.

There are live versions of ‘Southern Grace’ and ‘Black Mountain Top (Whiskey Woman). which gives insight into what one of the band’s shows would be like.

Overall, this is a fun collection of bands for any true fan of roots and Southern Rock. You don’t have to be a fan to enjoy them, but White Cowbell Oklahoma deliver a treat.


Limited signed/numbered CD versions of “Textos Raros – Vol 1 – 2001-2011” are available on along with digital stream and download on Spotify and Apple Music.

Track Listing:1. Take Me Down To Mexico (3:08)2. Black Night (4:28) (Deep Purple Cover)3. [Just] Some Things A Man Can’t Keep Inside (7:54)4. The ‘Bell Are On The Run (3:54)5. Shot A Gamblin’ Man (Early Version) (3:03)6. This Cracker’s Got The Blues (Early Version) (3:26)7. Lone Star Love-In (4:22)8. Rebel Woman (1:45)9. Southern Grace (Live) (3:25)10. Black Mountain Top (Whiskey Woman) (Live) (4:20)11. Streetknifes ‘R’ Go! (7:50)Album Length: 47:44

Album Credits:All songs by WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA (SOCAN) except “Black Night” (Deep Purple) (written by Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice CHEC Music –Ascap)

Discography:2021 – Textos Raros – Vol 1. – 2001-20112018 – Seven Seas Of Sleaze2015 – Mixto Sixto2012 – Buenas Nachas2010 – Viva Live Locos2009 – Bombardero2006 – Casa Diablo2003 – Cencerro Blanco

In case you are in Canada, the band will appear on these dates:

May 13 – Soo Blaster – Sault Ste. Marie ONMay 14 – The Townehouse Tavern – Sudbury ONJune 3 – Maxwell’s Concerts & Events – Waterloo ON






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