Chatting with August Vegner with Last Electric Rodeo, a Post Apocalyptic, Spaghetti Western Surf Rock Band

Last Electric Rodeo

By Anna Marie Bolet, Rock At Night Jacksonville, Florida

Interview with Last Electric Rodeo, Post-Apocalyptic, Spaghetti Western Surf Rock and so much more…

August Vegner

Rock At Night got the chance to catch up with August Vegner, Lyricist for the Mega Group, Last Electric Rodeo and talk about how this eclectic group got started and where they’re heading. Thrilled to catch their music on Spotify, it’s easy to get lost in their music. I almost feel as though I’m being cheated of something by only listening to their music, because, as it turns out, this work is meant to be experienced as a multi-dimensional Rock Opera that one is encouraged to participate in.

Last Electric Rodeo

Paying homage to Sci Fi/ Fantasy while influenced by The Who’s ‘Tommy’, Quintin Tarantino and my own personal favorite, Ennio Morricone’s ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, this uber-talented group of musicians as well as performers kick this genre up several notches to make it their own. Invoking Graphic Novel scenes while harmonizing and blending instruments, ‘Welcome to the Last Show on Earth’ echoes a cinematic quality that will make you want to see them perform live at the first chance you get. Quarantine has serendipitously forced this group to put the finishing touches on their new album, two years in the making, Retro Futurum.

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Anna Marie Bolet